Our friendly mascot tools around on a skateboard all day listening to music, but don�t let his fun-loving demeanor fool you. Sammy�s got a lot of horse sense for a seahorse -- or anyone else for that matter. That�s why he�s helped us come up with the Sammy Super Saver Plus Card.

This convenient prepaid card will help you stretch your family budget by saving you 16% or more on the best car wash in Kalamazoo.

You can get Sammy money-saving cards at our Gull Road & Stadium Drive sites.

There�s no club member ship to pay for, no hidden fees or expiration dates on the cards, and you don�t have to sign a deal to have us bill your credit card every month either.

Check out Sammy�s great deals and order his Super Saver Plus Card, the next time you�re at our Gull Road/Stadium Drive location on the west side.


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