Our Commitment To Excellence Shines On Every Car That Leaves Our Tunnel

Turning out clean and shiny cars is a passion for us at Bob & Kay�s. It�s been that way since we opened our first location in 1973, and it remains that way today, seven million clean cars later. A family-owned company, Bob & Kay�s is dedicated to turning out the cleanest and driest cars in Kalamazoo.

Our commitment to bring out the best in your car�s appearance shows in everything we do, from the high-quality biodegradable soaps and waxes, to the carefully selected equipment in our full-length, professionally-designed tunnel. It�s also evident in the clean, fresh water we use in the wash process ensure that your car comes out completely clean with no spots or streaks.
We�ve traveled the country visiting manufacturers and trade shows searching for the best possible car wash cleaning equipment. When we couldn�t find a piece of equipment that met our exacting standards, we designed our own, or had it designed for us by an outside engineer.

This was the case with the Paxton Supercharger drying system at our Gull Road and Stadium location, which was designed exclusively for Bob & Kay�s by a University of Michigan engineer. Click here to learn more about our car drying system.

Our tunnel is so efficient at turning out clean, dry and shiny vehicles that car wash owners from other regions have come to Bob & Kay�s to study our operation.

We are committed to your convenience, which is why we make it easy for you to buy a car wash at our gas pumps or at the self-pay station at our tunnel entrance.

Bob & Kay�s cleans vehicle exteriors only. However, we do provide self-serve vacuums for customers who want to clean their vehicle interiors.

Keep Your Car Looking Its Best By Taking It To Bob & Kay�s.
After 7 Million Vehicles You Know You Can Count On Us.



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